Once Upon A Time...

March 18, 2013

When I was a kid, all I wanted was to have long, silky hair.Isn't that almost every young girl's dream? I never did love my hair, since it was always short, for convenience’s sake. Being the last-minute person that I am (like Maria, I’m always late for everything, except for every meal :D), having short hair was definitely a plus. Shake my head. Few strokes. Done. I always had a love-hate relationship with my hair. Here are a few excerpts from through the years... Once upon a tine, when i was 4...
I loved my hair. There's this photo that we shot at the studio which is the main reason why I loved my hair so much. Look at the photo. You'll know what I mean (not to sound obnoxious).
Once upon a time, when I was 7...
I always hated my short crop right after a haircut. It would grow on me later, but coming home from the salon, the loss would be fresh, and nothing would look right. I remember, this once, when I was in 2ndgrade, I’d just had my hair cut, and I dreaded going to school the next day. So I resorted to covering my head with a scarf. Wrong reasons, and I was way too young for it, but I went ahead and did it. I never told my mum the truth though. Few days later, when I was auditioning for a part in a drama, my teacher & supervisor wanted to see my hair and I ended up blurting out the truth to them.Sweet souls that they are (they were two of my best teachers) they convinced me that I didn't look hideous, and off came the scarf. You should've seen my classmates' faces when I returned to class! lol
Once upon a time, when I was 9... "No! I dont want to cut my hair! I wont. I want to grow it. Like my sister's. I want to braid it." "Now, FM... Ok, I'll tell you what? You know how beautiful and long you sister's hair is?" "Yes..." "It grew like that because I always cut her hair short when she was younger." "But I want long hair NOW." "Well, if you cut you hair now, in a few years, it'll grow really long." Yeah, that's how my Mum convinced me to get a haircut. *sob* I was so gullible.
Once upon a time, when I was 10... At school, shuffling to the assembly in a line... Prefect: Where are your hair ribbons?
Me: In my pocket. I'll where them.
Prefect: Come out of the line. Wear it now. I obey (obviously) Prefect: Why isn't your hair in braids? Your hair is long enough for it.
Me: My hair? No way. Look, its so short. You see, if I try to braid it, the hair never stays in the braid, and it looks messy. Prefect: Ok, move on.
(I lied. Shamlessly.)
Once upon a time, when I was 10, or 11, or 12... I got into my head that I had to try out home remedies for my hair. I pestered my Mum, and made her apply egg white, lemon and youghurt, etc. I balked at applying egg yolk.
Sadly, it did not work. But oh yes, vinegar worked. But I didnt like the scent.
Once upon a time, when I was 14... My hair had grown to about 3 inches below my shoulders, and I wanted a step cut. I went to the salon, and when I stepped out, my hair was only till my ears. I swore I wasn't going to cut my hair again till it was really, really long.
Once upon a time, when I was 15... My hair grew long enough to braid it, and pull it to one side. It was a very proud moment, let me tell you. My dream had come true. I even took a picture of it, to show off on Facebook, but gave up on the idea, because it seemed very childish.

Once upon a time, when I was 16... I was watching a video where a girl was explaining how to cut bangs. Mum: You're going to cut bangs? Me: What if I want to? You'll be fine with it? Mum: Yeah, sure. Later that evening... Me: (staring at myself in the mirror, with a newspaper spread out on the washbasin, and all necessary implements) Ma, are you sure you're ok with me cutting bangs by myself? Mum: (from the room) Go ahead. But dont dirty the place. After I cut my almost perfect bangs, I went to show her. Mum: You really did it? I thought you were joking. What if it never grows back now? It did grow back. Ive trimmed them twice now :D
Present time... I have great hair, Alhamdulillah. Long, thick, and silky, with a slight wave to it, when it is tamed. If I leave it for a day, it turns into a veritable bush. And I swear this is not just lip service for the sake of the competition, but I use Dove shampoo, and I love the scent it has! And it leaves my hair really soft after, so I love using it. I love trying out different kinds of braids on it: french braids, the normal one, an upside down braid, etc. Not that I get them all right, but still. Main point: I get to braid my hair all the time now, and I love how it looks, thick as a rope at the top, and then tapering down to the end, where I tie it off with a little band.

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