Review: Riding on Air by Maggie Gilbert

April 1, 2013

Riding on Air
Title: Riding on Air
Author: Maggie Gilbert
Publisher: Escape Publishing
Publication Date: 1 April, 2013
Genre: Young Adult
Rating: 2.5/5 stars
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For readers of Jenny Downham, John Greene and Maureen McCarthy, a poignant young adult romance about following your dreams and realising what really matters.

What can you do when your own hands are the enemy? Hold on tight, for as long as it takes.

Melissa has secrets. Sure it’s pretty obvious she has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, but no one knows how bad it is or how many pills she takes for the pain. She’s determined to make her horse Jinx into a champion and she dreams that her childhood friend William will one day see her, rather than her condition.

So when William asks her out and Jinx is shortlisted for selection in an elite training program, it seems Melissa’s dreams have come true. But when her secrets are exposed, all those dreams come crashing down around her. Can William ever forgive her? And can she learn about letting go in time to truly ride on air when it matters most?
 Riding on Air was kind of an average book. I wouldn't say it was bad, but at the same time it wasn't great. There were many things I liked about the book, and some I disliked.

Yay! for:
  • The general premise of the story: going for your dreams even when the going gets tough. That right there is pretty inspirational, but when you read the story, it you really get the extent to which a person can go.
  • Melissa's bothers. I've always, always, ALWAYS wanted an elder brother, and reading about Melly's brothers, even the few pages that they were in, just made this wishful thought all the more strong.
  • Melissa's family and her two friends. It's a very candid relationship that they all share. They love and accept Melissa the way she is, and support her in her endeavor,, but dont hesitate to tell let her now when she's taking it too far.
  • Loving someone enough to let go. I think I'll let you figure out for yourself what I'm talking about her.
Meh! for:
  • The copious amount of horse talk. Those of you who are into horse riding, or live in/around a ranch will probably get this part of the book. But for me, it was just a tad bit tedious.
  •  In a book centered around a girl and her horse you would think that the author would focus on the relationship between the horse and the rider. But I somehow found there was a lack of bonding between Melissa and her horse, who half the time seemed way too spirited for her.
  • The title. I dont get the title at all (I mean it's relevance to the story), unless of course, the author is referring to the number of times Melissa falls from her horse.
Bottomline: Go for it if you're into books about horse riding.