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June 15, 2013

Today I have here a really different book, which stands out from everything I've ever read. It's great, and you should definitely check it out!

Title: The Book
Author: Jessica Bell
Publication date: January 18, 2013

Genre: Novella, Adult
Rating: 4/5 stars
This book is not The Book. The Book is in this book. And The Book in this book is both the goodie and the baddie.

Bonnie is five. She wants to bury The Book because it is a demon that should go to hell. Penny, Bonnie’s mother, does bury The Book, but every day she digs it up and writes in it. John, Bonnie’s father, doesn’t live with them anymore. But he still likes to write in it from time to time. Ted, Bonnie’s stepfather, would like to write in The Book, but Penny won’t allow it.

To Bonnie, The Book is sadness.
To Penny, The Book is liberation.
To John, The Book is forgiveness.
To Ted, The Book is envy.
But The Book in this book isn’t what it seems at all.

If there was one thing in this world you wished you could hold in your hand, what would it be? The world bets it would be The Book.
I bet you didnt understand much from that blurb, did you? But it still piqued your curiosity? Okay, I'm just saying this because it happened to me, so it probably didn't happen to you, and you probably understood just what the story was about, and I'm probably a dumdum for assuming that it was a scary story. Not kidding, that's what I thought, and I never read horror, but I like I said, this made me curious, and had good reviews, so naturally I wanted to read it.

And I loved it.

If you're like me, here's the short summary:
Penny and John start keeping a diary of sorts for their child when Penny is pregnant. It's an idea born out of the wish to share something of each other with the baby, and somehow make their love one. They share their love for Bonnie and each other, her milestones, everyday matters, and what's happening in their lives at that moment. The plan is to give the book to Bonnie when she's old enough to understand it, as a token of their love for her. Soon however, John and Penny get separated, and Penny gets married to Ted, whom Bonnie calls 'my Ted'. Penny continues to write in the book, and as time goes by, it becomes a symbol of sadness to Bonnie, due to various circumstances that are explored in the story. It's a beautifully written story which is very real and true to it's characters in a way that is unique and powerful.

The Book is written in three parts - Love is The Beginning, Love is A Weapon, & Love is Tangible, and from three points of view - John's, Penny's, Bonnie's and there are also transcripts of Bonnie's sessions with her doctor.  With so many points of view, we get a well rounded picture of the story. My favourites were Bonnie's voice, and the transcripts of her sessions with Dr. Wright.

Bonnie is a premature child, and as a consequence, is a slow learner, and can get highly emotional sometimes. Bonnie sees the world in an unusual manner, way beyond her years, I think. Some of her observations are so insightful that you are stunned at them coming from a child so young. It reminded me of something I saw Ian Somerhalder saying at a recent con in Russia. He said that there are things that children see, that we as adults are incapable of seeing, because we have a much narrower view of the world than they do. And that is so true in Bonnie's case. It actually surprised me that she was considered a slow learner, not least because she always thinks if something 'makes logic' before she does it. As a psychology student, Bonnie's narration and the transcripts were almost an educational experience for me.

Penny and John enter their respective thoughts in the book, and at times, it has nothing to do with Bonnie, but with their feelings for each other and their regrets, which if you ask me, I dont think is very appropriate to give your child. Not that it was explicit or anything, but because I dont think any child is going to understand why her parent would take erroneous decisions and no excuses are going to suffice.

I loved The Book as a book, and as a story. But I dont know if the idea of a Book like The Book is a good idea.

Did you get what I said? I can be confusing sometimes :)

Bottomline: A uniquely written and delivered book that makes you question a lot of things that you accepted as the norm. For a novella, this Book packs quite a punch!

What do you think of making a book like this for your child? Something like a scrapbook, except that it has more of you in it.

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About The Author
If Jessica Bell could choose only one creative mentor, she'd give the role to Euterpe, the Greek muse of music and lyrics. This is not only because she currently resides in Athens, Greece, but because of her life as a thirty-something Australian-native contemporary fiction author, poet and singer/songwriter/guitarist, whose literary inspiration often stems from songs she's written. Jessica is the Co-Publishing Editor of Vine Leaves Literary Journal and annually runs the Homeric Writers' Retreat & Workshop on the Greek island of Ithaca.

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  1. Thank you so much for this lovely review! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :)

    1. You're welcome! It was great reading it! :)

  2. The concept of this sounds utterly fascinating. Slightly confusing but sometimes the best books are. I do love the idea of writing a book like that for your child, it would be a lovely thing to read as an adult.

    1. That's what caught my interest too! And yep, it can be a bit confusing at times, but like you said... :)


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