Bookish Senior Superlatives

August 23, 2013

Jamie from The Perpetual Page-Turner has started a fun new feature for the summer called 'Friday Fun'. Totally awesome lists and surveys, and I'm getting addicted. I've decided to do them too, whenever I can, but mine will probably go up on the weekend. Have fun, and if you end up doing it too, link it in the comments! I'd love to compare! :)

Most Likely To Change The World 
Karou. With what she's doing right now, it's quite possible.

Cutest Couple
Graham and Ellie from This is What Happy Looks Like. They made me go 'Awww' so many times!

Class Clown

Most Likely To Become Famous For Their Athletic/Musical/Artistic Abilities
Mia from Where She Went.

All Around Good Person
Jace from My Life Next Door. He's just so nice

Biggest Flirt
Adrian Ivashkov from Vampire Academy. I doubt he'll ever get the 'reformed rake' tag, despite Sydney (and those two better get a happy ending, or someone's going to go on a rampage!).

Most Likely To Be Fought Over
Dingane from Vain. If he ever got out of Africa, that is.

Mostly Likely To Be Friends Forever
Harry, Ron and Hermione from Harry Potter. Always.

Most Likely To Have Their Own Reality Show
Audrey from Audrey Wait! That girl has such a LOL personality! :D

Most Unique
Sophie Price from Vain. She is such a bitch, but you come to love her despite that, and not because of a pity party or anything. She's like the bookish version of Blair from Gossip Girl!

Most Likely To Survive An Apocalypse
Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy. She'd kick ass in an apocalypse, for sure!

Most Likely To Be A Villain
Kevin Lancaster, the acting president, from Hover. I have an inkling.

Biggest Wallflower
Valancy from The Blue Castle.

Most Likely To Break Your Heart
Arya from Eragon. With someone like her, it's bound to happen. Not that she's a bad person.

Most Changed
Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. That man!

Most Likely To Get Arrested
Ron. If his spell casting is still as bad as it was, I'd watch out. And keep an umbrella ready if I were him! :D

Self Proclaimed God/Goddess
Umbridge. One year in Hogwarts was one too many in my favourite place. She and her cat saucers! Blech.

Best Person To Bring Home To Mom & Dad
Ryan from Dare You To. Hey, a girl can dream, cant she? ;)

Most Likely To Make You Cry
The Fault in Our Stars. NEVER has the same book made me cry twice. Never has a book made me sob period. But like the book says, 'Pain deserves to be felt'. So dont let that stop you.

Dares To Be Different (in world, plot, storytelling, etc.)
The Lover's Dictionary by David Levithan. Dared, and it works marvelously.

Best Dressed (pretty cover!)
Argh! Doing this to a cover freak is just cruel! Okay, I'm breaking the rules and choosing three.

Most Likely To Make You Swoon
Kiss An Angel *sigh*

Loveliest Prose

Most Likely To Be A Favorite Of 2013
The Night Circus.

Most Likely To Change The World (or change your life)
The Fault in Our Stars. It changed me, and maybe, maybe, it can change the world.

Book You Are Most Likely To Keep Putting OffMe Before You. I'm keeping it to read in time of deep distress due to incompetent books.

Most Likely To End Up As Christmas Gifts For Everyone You Know
Wonder. Lol it actually did! For two people! But not for Christmas :D

Most Likely To Be Thrown
Beautiful Disaster. Ugh. That book was so not worth the hype or the time I spent on it!

Most Likely To Be Reread More Than Once
Harry Potter. Um, like duh?

Most Likely To Make You Read Through An Earthquake Because It’s THAT Engrossing
Brisingr. I got it on my birthday, and I literally did not stop reading it till I finished it. Literally.

Most Likely To Be Passed On To Your Children
Harry Potter! *trailer man voice* I shall pass on the legacy and see their hearts grow and their minds question and watch them fall victim to that age old spell woven by J K Rowling.

Most Likely To Break Your Heart Into A Million Pieces
Shadow Kiss. I was left gaping at the book and silenting screaming 'Nononononono!' as I was reading it.

Most Likely To Brighten Up Your Day
Looking for Alibrandi. It's sun a fun read, with so much depth!


  1. I must check this Friday Fun...tee hee hee. Anyway. cool stuff xD
    Happy reading

  2. This is a great idea! Super creative! Some of these books I haven't read, but will definitely add to my TBR list. Love the best friends forever answer also-Harry, Ron and Hermione will ALWAYS be besties in my mind.


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