WINNERS of the Bout of Books 8.0 Acrostic Book Poem Challenge!!!

August 27, 2013

Hey, people!

So I've finally got the results for the Acrostic Book Poem Challenge that I hosted on Saturday as part of the Bout of Books 8.0 Read-a-thon!

A big shout out to Pooja @ On Books and Aaliya @ Peek Into Me Head for helping me pick the winners! You guys rock! :D

Ok, so let's get down to the good stuff! Now, I know everyone always says this, but it really was tough coming to a decision; you were all so great! :D Which is why, instead of three winners, we've picked FOUR! Yay!

So here are the lucky winners:

Congratulations, all of you! And as promised, I shall read all of the books you picked and my review shall contain your poem in it, with a link back! 

A little fun:

After reading all the poems, Aaliya came up with her own acrostic poem. For Twilight! It's funny, people! Check it out -->

Teen so damn
Indispensable and pathetic, a
Lunatic who ruined everyone's
Important tasks, 
Grossing millions of cash
Hogged from the misfortunate