Review: The Redeemers by Suresh Taneja

October 22, 2013

Title: The Redeemers
Author: Suresh Taneja
Publication date: April 17, 2013
Publisher: Leadstart / Frog Books
Genre: General Fiction, Indian
Source: Author

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One bizarre vacation marked a turning point in the lives of four teenage friends. It dawned upon them that corruption and malpractices had become rampant and deeply ingrained in our culture. They felt anguished and shocked at the shameful state of affairs. 
They pledged to redeem and change the destiny of the country. They had only two weeks of vacation left to take some big initiatives. The pressure on them was immense. Status quo or failure was not an option for them. 
Read the inspirational story of a unique movement masterminded by youngsters through innovative ideas and creative thinking. Not a single family could escape from its unrelenting onslaught. It was a rewarding outcome for their persistence and hard work, as they nostalgically recall in 2030.
I had a tough time rating this book, mainly because of how it pulled me in two different directions. On one hand, the premise of The Redeemers is one that is inspiring and patriotic, but on the other, there were aspects of it that got on my nerves.

In 2009, four friends come witness firsthand the depravity and corruption that has soaked into the veins of almost every sector of Indian government. It's not like they weren't aware of it, but coming face-to-face with it for the first time in their lives, it leaves a huge impact. In the aftermath, Vikram, Yuvika, Manisha and Akshay (who like to call themselves G4) decide that something has to be done about it; something that will bring a change.

Without allowing the fact that they're just kids to dissuade them (despite a lot of opposition about that very fact), they go forth, and take their idea to the people. With the help of some great adults in strategic positions, they begin the long process of eradication corruption in India and putting the country at the top spot worldwide.

I have to commend the author for the faith that he has in today's youth and in the plausibility of India becoming a superpower by 2030. Especially at a time like this. I mean, let's face it, the rupee's down in the dumps, and no one knows how long it's going to take to get back on it's feet, the politics in the country is at an all time low, with scandals and corruption coming into the spotlight left and right, and India's advancement does not really take top priority in our youth's lives. So how exactly does Taneja believe in his story? It definitely takes a lot of belief to do so, and for that, he is to be commended.

Several practical issues are tackled in The Redeemers, and resolved smartly. Youngsters play a huge role in the movement, with adults basically giving the ma few handholds, but that's it. The book jumps between present (2030) and past, and that kind of threw me off a bit, but that's just me.

While The Redeemers does have it's plus points, it has it's own downside too. The plot is all very good, and inspiring, but at some places, you cant help but feel like it's all hyperbole. Also, the usage of abbreviations for groups of people - G4, G3, G6 - was not only confusing and hard to keep track of, but it also somehow took something away from the reading experience, and the connection we had with the characters.

The Redeemers might have it's faults, but at the end of the day, it's a book that aims at pulling the youth from their proverbial 'couches' and doing something.

Bottomline: If you're Indian, and/or you're a young adult, give it a try.

Through The Looking Glass: ...The Redeemers presents a hopeful story that forces us to think if we are doing more for our country...

Bookish Experiences: ...While the ideas in this book are fresh and innovative, I don’t think that they have been thought all the way through to make a truly engaging, interesting story...

Vault of Books: ...Change is in the air and youth has a key role to play in the inevitability of this change...

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