Why I Never Make New Year Resolutions (but am this year)

January 1, 2014

I've never been one to make resolutions at new year. For one, I've never seen the point of making promises and plans only at the beginning of the year, when we can make them at any other time too. I'm the kind of person who does not do well with conventions, so if I want to change something about myself or my life, I just go ahead and do it, instead of making a list and all during new year. For another, studies show that most new year resolutions are unsuccessful. All the more reason not to make any, in my opinion. I do wish for my year to go a certain way, but I never sit and write anything down.

But (yes, there's a but), this year is going to be different. Real life aside, I really want to bring about a change in the way I read and blog, and I couldn't think of any better way for me to stick to them than to write it down and put it out there for the entire world to see. Yeah, there's always a chance that I'll feel obligated to do them, and then start resenting that obligation, and then try to 'rebel' by not doing them, but I'm hoping that chain of events doesn't even start, and that I'll have so much fun putting my resolutions to action that this post will only remain as a reminder. Well, I can hope.

Blogging Resolutions

1. Post regularly
Frequent posting, I dont know if I can do, because I will be juggling more stuff than normal this year (more on that later), and moreover, I'm not one to spit out reviews one after another as soon as I finish a book. I struggle with my reviews, so each one takes time to write. But I'm hoping for more regular posts. I'm tentatively setting it at 8 a month, but let's see how it goes.

2. Schedule Posts
I'm a last minute person. That can actually be a very good thing, because it means (most of the time) that I do my best work under pressure. But sometimes, I just scramble to get things done, and it ends up being crap. I never even knew people scheduled their posts until a few months back, and I've resolved to do that this year, so that I dont always have the pressure to post something weighing me down. And I happy to report that I'm already working on this one, with THREE (I am shocked at myself) posts already scheduled for the coming month.

3. Learn to Socialize
I am hopelessly abysmal at socializing, both in real life and on the web. I'm generally very reserved and a horrible conversation starter (once it's on the go, I can keep it going well enough), and those parts of me are kind of carried over here. I just dont know how to get to know somebody, even if they seem like someone I could really hit it off with. I even struggle with comments, you guys. I sometimes write up a comment and then delete the entire thing, because I think it feels like I'm being over friendly with the blogger, and I dont want them to go, like,
So I generally just stay quiet, and post really generic comments that don't encourage conversation *facepalm*. Blah. I have got to get over this, because there are so many of you that I want to get to know. And I've got to get working on my social media site skills. When I first join them, I'm all over the place, posting, commenting, making friends, etc. And then, radio silence. Zip. Nada. Except for promotional posts, which is just horrible, if you ask me, because I know I wouldn't follow anyone who has only promo links on their feed. This happened with Twitter, Facebook, and more recently, with Bookblogging.net. So this year, I'm going to work at socializing a bit more and getting around the blogosphere.

4. Write posts that initiate discussions
I've always wanted to, but for a long time I had this idea that I needed to post lots of reviews and hardly anything else. And then when I found out that that's not true, I still never wrote any discussion posts (though I had plenty of ideas, and sometimes, I was just itching to write something), or any post really, that wasn't strictly book related, because I never thought people would be like,

I have no idea who this is. Do you?
But I'm giving it a go this year, and let's see how it goes. I've already got a couple planned. I just hope I get around to writing them on time.

Reading Resolutions

1. Write a short review of a book before starting a new one
A lot of times when I read two or more books in a row and I dont review any of them for sometime, I miss out on some pertinent points when I do write my review, and that just sucks over all. So as much I would like to simply binge read all the books I can get my hands on, I will take notes on the one I've just finished before I start a new one.

2. Go back to paying attention to and collecting quotes
I used to be such a hardcore quote collector. I used to diligently mark and write down all the lines that were quote worthy. I even have this book filled with all the beautiful lines that I've come across in books, and elsewhere. But in the past year I feel like I've been lax in that part of my reading experience, and I hope to remedy that this year.

3. Expand my reading horizons
Before I discovered book blogs, I used to read mostly Adult Historical fictions. But ever since I entered the present realm, I've been sticking almost religiously to Young Adult books of all genres, giving the cold shoulder to Adult books majority of the time. But on the rare occasions that I did depart from routine, I got the opportunity to read some truly beautiful adult books. So I've made up my mind to explore the uncharted territory (for me, that is) of adult books, and search out some of those gems that exist out there and give them a try. Do you have any recommendations? You know I love book pushing!

Here are a few of the books I've got my eye on:

Aaand that the end of it, folks. Here's to hoping 2014 is a great year and that I manage to actually keep all these resolutions. 
What about you? Have you made any New Year resolutions? Let's share!