You've Got Snail Mail: Tabitha of Life by Committee

May 27, 2014

Inspired primarily by Pooja at On Books! and similar to Sincerely, Cee at The Novel Hermit.
Remember the times when you're reading a book and you realise how similar you are to a character? Or how aspects of their lives resemble yours? Well, You've Got Snail Mail is where I write letters to bookish characters sharing all those things and more!

Dear Tabby,

While I was reading your story, there were a lot of occasions when I didn't couldn't agree with what you were doing. But while that was happening, there was also this other side of me, that kept going, "I totally get you, girl." or "Haha! I remember when that happened to me!". I know from my review it doesn't appear like the story left me with a positive impression, but you now, are a completely different matter.

You know, I wonder when and how you first stumbled upon reading books with notes. That is such a cool hobby! I would never write on my books (I'm way too anal for that), but I don't mind other readers doing so. In fact, I think it would be lovely to get someone else's perspective on what you're reading. Which is why I love used books. Dont you just love that feeling of picking up a book that somebody else has read and loved (supposing they did love it)? Doesn't it feel like you have something common with them - some stranger out there in the world that you'll never meet (though it happened differently for you)? You nailed it when you said it's like having a conversation with a book. It so is! I had one of those 'creepy' shivery moments myself when I read what the Red Pen Note Writer had written about change, because at the place I am in right now, that is so relevant to me, especially since normally I abhor changes that take me out of my comfort zone. But what if that very change is the best that could happen? The possibilities baffle me.

Speaking of change, I feel so horrible that you had to go through all that just because you grew up a little earlier than your friends. And seriously? Eyeliner and V-necks? That's what triggered all this? *rolls eyes* Okay, I have a story that might cheer you up. Mrs. Drake's reaction to your sense of style totally reminded me of this time in 12th grade when something similar happened to me. That was the year a lot of my friends began wearing light makeup to school. I never bothered, because I wore spectacles and I couldn't see the point of doing my eyes (even now, make up equals only doing my eyes up) when no one could see them. But then when I got a pair of contacts, I thought I'd try out some eyeliner and kohl for fun. So I outlined my eyes with a very, very thin line (you could hardly see it unless you were three feet in front of me) of kohl and eyeliner. And what do you know, the very first day, my Geography teacher comes up to me, sniffs and goes, "You too, Fahima? I saw all those girls doing this, but I thought you'd have better sense than to follow their lead." Me being me, I just grinned uncomfortably, mumbled something, and got the heck out of dodge. At the time, I felt very bad about it and thought I'd done something horrible. Thankfully, I soon came to my senses and realised it wasn't me who was in the wrong, though after that I always felt awkward in that teacher's presence. But now, when I look back, it's just a funny memory. Honestly. So maybe, one day in the near future (this was just two years ago, after all), you'll look back at all this, and just laugh. Or if not that, you can take comfort in the fact that atleast it wont have the power to hurt you as much as it does now.

Venturing into a new place can be scary, and your apprehension when you first started talking to the LBC members was understandable. Sometimes (okay, a lot of times), I feel the same way about commenting on blogs, because it feels like everyone already knows everyone, and I feel like the outsider, which can be intimidating. And I'm not exactly a great conversationalist, so... But maybe I should take a leaf from your book and start becoming more a part of the community? I'm so happy that you could discover the joy of being part of an online community and bond with them. I know that sometimes it doesn't seem real, but I think some of the truest friendships are those you form with people you find in cyber space; just some random person out there who you've met because of what you have in common, and maybe that's what makes it meant to be. Am I making sense?

And girl, I'm sorry to confirm what Elise said, but you really do have a screwed up sense of romance ;). It's fine to stand up for yourself to a guy. It's fine to get your worth. It's good. In fact, if you're getting any less, then he just does not deserve you. And no, you wont sound like some old corny movie. I truly hope you're experiencing all that you deserve with Devon. He sounded like a nice guy, from what I could see.

Be happy.