A New Chapter: Hitch Theory

June 9, 2015

hitch theory new design new blog name
As you can see, things have changed around here. We've got a new name, a new look, and hopefully, a rekindled enthusiasm for blogging, minus the side of slothfulness.

Origin Story

I fell out of love with the name 'I Read, Ergo I Write' a long time back. It felt to me like it sounded narcissistic and very focused on the 'me' rather than the books, which is what its supposed to be about. Also, what was I thinking to have such a long name? It's takes stupidly long to type the damn thing everywhere, and its difficult to remember too.

Obviously, I knew nothing about branding or promoting *shakes head*.

But even though I decided that things needed to change, I didn't know what to change it to. Which is how the search for the perfect blog name began. I came up with some awesome names, and actually made up a really long list of the contenders on Evernote. But in the end, after thinking about what fit me better, and going through Ashley's tips for choosing a good blog name and coming up the perfect one, I ended up settling on 'Hitch Theory'.

Its no big secret that I give a lot of importance to prose. For me, the style of writing can elevate my reading experience by a lot - it can a make a normal plot brilliant, and can pull down an exciting plot to merely nice-ish proportions. I remember reading/hearing somewhere that when the right words are 'wedded' together, it makes all the difference. I'm not sure exactly who said this, but its either L M Montgomery or Tom Hiddleston. Don't ask why Tom Hiddleston. I don't know. My head just keeps telling me it probably is.

Anyway, that thought about 'wedded words' makes total sense to me, because getting the right words to fit together may be difficult, but once its done, it can take your breath away. I wanted the new name to reflect this idea, and after trying out different word combinations, Hitch Theory worked.

And so, there you have it. That's the whole 'theory'. That when the right words are wedded together, it leads to a whole new experience.

It sounds a little nerdy, which I totally am, and also intriguing, and hence, kind of catchy?


I AM IN LOOOVVEE WITH MY HEADER-LOGO-BADGE THING! I love how it looks old-school and grungy, and so legit! I knew I wanted a badge-like header, but I was trying out different designs, and this was what felt right in the end.

The colour scheme, though, was a total accident! I had initially planned to do a mainly teal and pink colour scheme, but then, after I designed the header, I tried out different colours, and nothing looked as good as the black. And what colour looks better with black than red? But I also wanted a bit of variety with the colours, so I threw in a midnight blue into the mix, and voila!

Side Note: The Recaptains badge sure does fit right in, though, doesn't it?


Coding the whole new look was a BIG headache, I swear. That's one big reason why this post has been so long in coming. There were little glitches and creases that I needed to smoothen out before making an official announcement. And since Blogger doesn't have a maintenance mode (seriously, though, why doesn't it?!), everything had to be done in the open.

Although it was difficult, I loved every moment of the coding process, because I was learning so much, and the results are so rewarding. I especially wanted the button like links for the features and the 'Read More' links, so I'm very glad I got them right.

There may still be a few glitches I'm unaware of, though, so if you find any, please do let me know!

Updated Profiles!
I've updated all my social media and follow links to go with the name change. Check out the links below to follow the revamped Hitch Theory!

Also, if you used to follow the blog by email, please subscribe again, because I did something stupid while moving the feed and lost all the followers *facepalm*

What do you think of the new everything? Do you like the new design? Does the hitch theory make sense to you? Let's talk!