Looking Back: The Halfway Point

July 10, 2015

Guys, the powers that be in the book world have not favoured me this year *cue sad face*. I've had the displeasure of reading one abysmal book after another for a long, long while and it has made me so miserable that the effects can be observed in pretty much every part of my bookish life.


Books Read: 79
Pages Read: 29304
Longest Book: Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer (756 pages)
Most Read Genre: Historical Fiction

As you can see, I had precious few 5 star reads. Out of the three, one was a re-read, so technically, it doesn't really count. Or well, it doesn't count for me, because I only consider new reads in these things. As you can see, I had quite a lot of completely average and below average books. I swear, the 3 star books are the worst! You don't feel the satisfaction of having enjoyed something wonderful, and neither can you hate it with all your heart. Its like an ice cream that falls to the ground when you're halfway through it.

Do you pity me yet? *cue sad puppy face*


2015 has been The Year of The Re-Reads for me! Re-reading seems to be this a weird trend that I've been following this year. Why? Well, for one, I read way too many dumb books in a row and was sick of taking risks only to be let down, so I went for the books that I knew wouldn't disappoint me, or at least, those that hadn't disappointed me in the past. While I haven't read a lot of new books (or new releases either, for that matter), and I am slightly unhappy about that, this year has been all about comfort reads for me, and I loved revisiting all those books, especially the historicals.

On the flip side, however, this re-reading trend also gave me the chance to see how my perspective of the book has changed, and let me tell you, there were quite a few rating changes this year. A lot of rating downs, that is. This was how I came to read Breaking Dawn. I think this gives you an inkling of how desperate I was?

In happier news, I did rediscover my love for Mary Balogh this year, and she has been firmly established in my favourite authors of all time list.


I know it doesn't look like it, but trust me, my Goodreads Reading Challenge is going horribly. There's no other word for it. In April last year, I had finished my challenge of 100 books and upped the number to 170. We're halfway through 2015, and I'm barely past the halfway mark on my challenge.

This is not good.

It does bad things for my competitive nature.

Something needs to be done. Someone please stage a reading intervention for me!!!


Despite the crap year reading wise, there have been a few gems far and in between that I have loved, and am convinced will cherish for a long time to come. Not all of them were given 5 stars; some were rated 4.5, but even with minor imperfections, they all count as my favourites so far this year, adn I'm very, very happy that I got the chance to read them!

Uprooted by Naomi Novik (review)
Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver
The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord
Red Rising by Pierce Brown (review)
Golden Sun by Pierce Brown
The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

How has YOUR reading year been so far? Do you know of any sacrifices or rituals that can be done to appease the 'powers that be' in the bookish world? Do we share any favourite reads? Or do you have any recommendations that I might love? 
Talk to me! :D

P.S.: I am amazed that I managed to get this post up without my laptop or Photoshop with me. I've been meaning to write this post since April, but when my laptop crashed, it felt like my hands were tied because I could do nothing without Photoshop! I was okay delaying a few other posts because of this, but I was determined that this post would go up in time. All I will say is, thank the Lord for PicMonkey, Pixlr and the Snipping Tool!