Reading Goals for The Coming Year

January 3, 2016

With a new year of blogging comes a new set of goals. I'm not usually one to participate in reading challenges (except for Goodreads. That's a given), simply because... well, I've never thought about it, but maybe its because I don't like to be confined in any way?

In 2015, I realised that while my reading was high on quantity (170+ books), it wasn't all that great in terms of quality. I'm not proud of this, but I have a sneaky feeling that this was because I focused on books I knew I wouldn't review here on Hitch Theory, and hence gravitated towards not-so-great books. Yes, fail.

While I'm not making any concrete resolutions about blogging, I have decided to sign up for a few reading challenges that one, sound interesting and will introduce me to new books that will broaden my reading horizons, and two. don't seem too daunting and are somewhat centered around the books I read on a normal basis anyway.

So without further ado, here are the challenges I'm participating in for the coming year!


goodreads challenge
This one goes without saying. This is my fourth year running, and I must say, that orange is one gorgeous colour, although it doesn't really go well with the previous years' colours when you see them in a row, and that kind of messes with my head. Haha can someone say OCPD?

I've set the goal at 100 for now, but I know I'll cross it at some point and will up the goal again. I'm basically setting it low right now, because I want to know exactly how long it takes me to finish 100 books. Also, the rush that completing the challenge well in advance gives me is pretty cool :D


goodreads awards challenge
This challenge is hosted by Amber at Books of Amber
Every year when awards time comes around, I always vaguely think that I should make it a point to read all the books. I don't really feel justified in voting for a book (especially in the finalist stage) when I haven't read all the contenders. How do I know that a book is the best when I can't compare it to its competitors? Due to this, I've even skipped voting in a couple of categories a few times.

More than that though, a lot of the books sound like they'd be awesome, but I somehow never read them. So basically, Amber is a genius for thinking this up. Here are the categories and tiers I'm signing up for:
Best Young Adult Fiction - Tier 3
Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction - Tier 2
Best Debut Goodreads Author - Tier 2
Best Fiction - Tier 1
Best Non Fiction - Tier 1


diverse reads challenge
This challenge is hosted by Mishma at Chasing Faerytales and Shelly at Read.Sleep.Repeat
I'm always on the look out for books with diverse characters. They give us a glimpse into a whole new world, and emphasize the commonalities we all share despite our differences. Not only that, but like all the discourse on the topic has stressed (and I agree), representation of diversity if very important in today's world, if we want to move towards a more accepting and free global society. Towards that goal, I wanted to read more diverse books, and when I came across this challenge on Mishma's blog, it seemed perfect! I also like that the challenge includes reading books by diverse authors. I'm going to aim for 6 books right now, but I will probably increase that number sometime later in the year.


backlist reading challenges
Hosted by Crini at All About Books and Bekka at Pretty Deadly Reviews
I read a lot of backlist titles, but I somehow hardly ever review them. Why? Honestly, because they rarely generate traffic, and I am a lazy hedgehog. However, I'm making efforts to move towards a more healthy way of blogging this year, and reviewing backlist titles that I read fits with that perfectly.

I'm joining two challenges for this one. One is Crini's Reviwing Backwards Challenge, and the other is Bekka's Backlist Books Reading Challenge. My goal for both challenges is to review at least 5 backlist titles. As with the others, this is only the lower limit, and if the number goes up, go me!


popsugar reading challenge 2016
The entire checklist can be found on Popsugar
I remember all the hype around last year's challenge, but since I didn't have a buddy, I never really got into it. But a few weeks ago, my sister excitedly shared the checklist with me, and asked if I'd be interested to do it with her. Of course, I jumped in, and roped in two of my other friends as well! I'm really excited about this, because I saw SO MANY posts about the challenge all throughout last year on Instagram, and this time I'd get to join in on the conversation! Yay!


This challenge is hosted by Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight!
I have a massive list on Keep that's bursting with ideas for discussion posts, but I somehow never get around to writing them. I'm hoping that joining in on this challenge will give me the push I need to bring those ideas onto the screen. I'm aiming to complete the Discussion Dabbler level, which is 1-12 posts during the entire year, so that means one post every month, or less. Not too hard, right?


This challenge is hosted by Alexa @ Alexa Loves Books and Rachel @ Hello, Chelly
Don't you just love the banner for this challenge? It makes me so happy every time I see it! :D Seeing that I love fantasy, and am always on the lookout for awesome new fantasy books, I figured that it only made sense for me to join this challenge. Also, I have a feeling it could lead to some pretty awesome fangirling. I'm aiming for 10 fantasy reads, and I'm also contemplating joining the Book Club.


So those, my dear readers, are the challenges I'm going to be joining this year. Definitely a daunting list for a challenge newbie, which is why I've kept the numbers low, but I hope to finish at least most of them, and most importantly, have a completely FUN year of reading.


What are your reading plans for 2016? Are you participating in any challenges? Do we have any in common? Talk to me! :)