Review Policy

Please note, I am currently not accepting books for review.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review policy!

My Preferences

  • I read Young Adult, New Adult, Chick Lit and some Adult books.
  • My preferred genres are:
    • Contemporary
    • Dystopian
    • Post Apocalyptic
    • Science Fiction
  • I am open to:
    • Paranormal
    • Urban Fantasy
    • Non Fiction (only hard copies though)
    • Middle Grade
    but am picky when it comes to these genres.
  • Genres I DO NOT accept:
    • Horror
    • Self Help
    • Manga
    • Religious Fiction/Non Fiction
    • Mythology
  • Also, I choose my books very carefully when it comes to Indian authors. Please so not misunderstand this as being unpatriotic or some such thing. It is only because I've been disappointed several times.
  • If a title is part of a series, I need to have read the previous books, as I do not read books out of sequence.
  • Preferred formats:
    • Hard Copy. But since I live in India, I can understand if you are unable to send one.
    • ebook formats: Kindle format, PDF or epub (in order of preference) 

What to Expect?

  • My review will include:
    • Title & Author
    • Cover
    • Publication name & date
    • Genre
    • Rating
    • Summary
    • Honesty. I will be fair but you can expect my honest opinion on the book.
    • Other details as requested (author info, promotional info, etc.)
    Book details are borrowed from Goodreads.
  • My reviews will be posted here on the blog, on Goodreads, and on IndiBlogger, and advertised on Facebook & Twitter. If I really like the book, or upon request, I can also post on Amazon.*
  • I will email the link to the review once posted.
*I've only recently joined Amazon, so this cannot be found for my earlier reviews.

Please Note

  • I am not a professional book reviewer. I review books simply because I love reading, and this is one way to share my views with other book lovers. I do not accept any kind of payment or compensation for my reviews. Reviews are based solely on my own thoughts and reading experiences.
  • In your review request, please include the following:
    • Book title & author
    • Genre
    • Synopsis
    • Goodreads Link (or any other site with reviews and details)
  • I reserve the right to decline your request. I will only be responding to emails when I accept to review your book. If I am accepting, then I will reply within two weeks of getting your mail.
  • I cannot guarantee a specific date to post, but I will definitely get to it as soon as I can. If you have a preferred timeline during which you would like the review to appear, please let me know.
  • If it is an ARC, I will post the review a week before/after/on the day of it's release.
  • I also enjoy getting to know authors! I would love to do interviews, guest posts and giveaways, as well as participate in blog tours for titles I accept for review.

Contact Me!

If you want me to review your book, or have any other questions, please send me a mail at